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"Media Buying Consultants"

Patti and Ernest Fears

We are a full service media company

Media FEARS is a full service media company. Formed as a family owned and operated company with three generations of media professionals…media is in our DNA. We are forward thinking media planning, buying, selling and implementation experts. Our innovative business model apply solid communication strategies to garner the desired results. Media FEARS strengths are client
service, market analysis, and effective media placement. As our name implies we are Focused, Effective,
Attentive, Result oriented and Strategic.


We cater to a broad range

Media FEARS caters to a broad range of business categories, B2B, B2C, political, long-form, local, regional, or national. We create brand awareness, and execute impeccable media campaigns, partnerships, and events. Media FEARS expertise in managing successful media staff;
multi-million dollar advertising budgets and all forms of media makes our qualifications and capabilities second to none. Our three generations of media relationships, complimented by new and innovative strategies, allow our clients to reap benefits of more effective and efficient media campaigns. We pride ourselves on effective execution…it’s not just our reputation it’s our name.


Establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market.

Media Buying

Research is key to determining what media mix is best for our clients.

Web design

Position your brand effectively with a web site that speaks volumes and showcases your services effectively.

Digital Signage

Put your brand on digital signage screens in high traffic areas.


We specialize in utilizing more than 60 plus years of media experiences and fundamental alliances.

Mobile Apps

The most important screen is the one we carry around in our pockets. How are you taking advantage of this?

Need our services?

We are waiting to work with you and change the world.

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